Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting closer!

We have about 10 or so weeks left till we get to meet Baby Faith and am getting pretty excited. Her quilts have been picked out, my mom is almost finished with her older quilt and we just got the pattern for her baby quilt/wall hanging. Very excited! I am happy fall stuff is coming out in the stores, so I can start to look at clothes for her. I got diagnosed with low thyroid levels, so I am now on medication for that and am starting to feel a lot better! Hunter has been really busy with work and we can't wait till we get to see him! Colten and I miss him like crazy!! Colten is very active and loves to be outside! He reminds me of his daddy in just about every single way. He is starting to get excited about Faith and talks to her periodically throughout the day. We are just staying busy so the time passes quickly! Enjoy the pictures!