Monday, September 13, 2010

Playing with the car Daddy got him... love his face!
The new gun- my handsome guys!

Everyone loves Hunter!

Love of my life!

Seahurst Park

Colten insisted on sleeping in his jersey! Hunter and I were so proud!

I'm a lucky girl!
Hunter came home for a visit and Colten and I couldn't have been more excited!! We miss Hunter terribly and are counting down until January when Hunter is done for good! We spent a lot of great family time together. We took Colten to Seahurst Park, Hunter was able to see his daughter on ultrasound, and my guys enjoyed getting new toys and watching the Incredibles together. We are counting down till Hunter gets to come home for Faith's birth... only about 4.5 weeks till he gets here!! Hoping it goes quickly. We love you babe!!