Monday, June 29, 2009

Short Story

Every night I nurse Colten before he goes down and Tank always sits at our feet. On Saturday night, some of our neighbors decided to light off some fireworks. Tank is TERRIFIED of loud noises and always tries to crawl into our laps. So, I am upstairs nursing Colten when all of a sudden Tank has one paw across Colten's belly and then another one as he tries to crawl onto my lap. All of sudden I hear a little giggle from Colten because Tank has both paws across his belly like he is hugging him. After another giggle Colten reaches his hand out and starts petting his face and ears all while nursing! It was so sweet and so cute! Those two just love each other!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

This is a little bit late, but I just wanted to say...

Hunter- Colten and Tank are so lucky to have you as their dad! You are truely an amazing man, who works so hard for your family! I have loved watching you grow as a father and a husband. I love watching you play with Colten... he just lights up when you come in the room! Thank you my love!

Dad- Thank you for always listening to me and giving me advice! I miss you and can't wait until we get back up there! You are the best! I love you!!

Dave- Thank you for always caring! I appreciate your calls to check on Colten and I when Hunter is gone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A boy and his Dog

We are truly lucky that we have such a good-natured dog! Tank puts up with a lot from Colt. Whether it be pulling his tail to sticking fingers up his nose, Tanky just rolls with it. Colten will get down on all fours and try drinking out of Tanky's water bowl. The newest thing is barking. Colt will go up to the window and bark, just like Tank. He also can't get enough of giving Tank loves. That means going up to him, either standing or laying and hugging him, but also opening his mouth so Tank can give him kisses. Colten also loves to run a round the house with a piece of bread and have Tank chase him. He will extend his hand to give Tank a bite and just as Tank is getting the piece, Colt pulls his hand away and starts cracking up! Colt makes up for that by dropping pieces of his food off his tray, so Tank can lick them up off the floor.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Colten's 1st Haircut

Daddy and Colten with their new dos
Being so good!

Can't believe we cut off these curls

Love this boy!!!

Hunter and I took Colten to get his first haircut today. He did very well, no tears! He got his first sucker from the hair lady and I think it helped keep him busy. Things are busy over here! Colt keeps us on our toes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Helping Mommy Cook

Loves his Bell Peppers

Just picked it up an started eating it

Stealing Red Peppers

Loving Mommy

Colten is such a great eater... loves his fruits and veggies! He will eat just about anything. We went grocery shopping and had gotten some bell peppers. Colten managed to snag the bag and started snacking on the pepper as we turned out back. We are just really happy to have such a healthy eater on our hands! Colten new word is Kitty. He always brings his books to his and points out the kitty's, doggies, and duckies. We are currently working on monkey. He's running around and is really fast! Colten is also a major water baby! We went swimming with some friends and it was really hard to keep Colten out of the water. He loves it! Hunter and I are going to be putting the house on the market this week!! One step closer to moving home!