Friday, June 5, 2009

Helping Mommy Cook

Loves his Bell Peppers

Just picked it up an started eating it

Stealing Red Peppers

Loving Mommy

Colten is such a great eater... loves his fruits and veggies! He will eat just about anything. We went grocery shopping and had gotten some bell peppers. Colten managed to snag the bag and started snacking on the pepper as we turned out back. We are just really happy to have such a healthy eater on our hands! Colten new word is Kitty. He always brings his books to his and points out the kitty's, doggies, and duckies. We are currently working on monkey. He's running around and is really fast! Colten is also a major water baby! We went swimming with some friends and it was really hard to keep Colten out of the water. He loves it! Hunter and I are going to be putting the house on the market this week!! One step closer to moving home!

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