Friday, May 25, 2012

Colten 4 years... Faith 1.5

My friend Andrea of Andrea Renee Photography took pictures of my family! She did an amazing job!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Faith Birthday Party

 Her pumpkin cake
 Pumpkin Patch dirt cake

 With Grandpa and Grandma
 Happy Birthday Sweet girl!!
 Uncle J and Ashley
 Aunt Brooke, Uncle D, and Hudson and Lilah
We did a pumpkin party theme and had so much fun!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Faith!

 You love your blankie!

 Love sticking your tongue out at us
To my amazing baby girl! I can't believe 1 year has passed since the day you were born. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I fell madly in love! There is just so many things we love about you. From your wild hair that is always in your eyes because you never let me put it up down to your tiny feet with your sweet grape toes. Your eyes draw a person in with their brightness and wonder. I love when you point at what your want and uhh for it. I love when you cuddle up into me while we nurse and when you touch my face. You are already so aware of people's feelings, trying to make Colten smile when he's upset. You have your daddy so tightly wrapped around your finger, it's amazing to see him melt around you! I love how excited you get whenever Daddy comes in the room or when we go wake him up in the morning. We love your sweet little cuddles and gentle kisses! You have made our lives so much better and we are so thankful for you!! I love you with everything I have! Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My kids

It's been a very long time since I blogged... we just finally got our own computer, now to just get another camera since ours was lost.

So much has happened in these last few months. Faith is almost 10 months old and such a doll. She has the most beautiful blue/green/brown eyes that just draw a person in. She is an observor. She will sit and watch and try to do what the big kids are doing. She loves baths and Colten. She gets very excited when her brother comes in the room. She loves her daddy, breaking into a huge grin when she sees him. As excited as she gets to see those two, nothing compares to what she does when she sees me! I just absolutely love her to pieces!! Her fat little thighs, her wild hair, her sweet one-toothed grin. She stood by herself today. Makes me excited, but sad that my baby is growing up. She throws temper tantrums that mean when she is sitting she lays her upper body on the floor and just cries... pretty much when she is tired or hungry and mommy has left the room. Faith crawls so fast and gets into everything. She loves to pull all of my towels out of the drawer and then will move onto pulling all the books off the shelves. She is sweet and loves to give kisses. She doesn't really like to sit on your front, but will move her hips so she can sit on your side. She still hates to go to bed and fights it, she would much rather be around other people. She makes me smile. She's my favorite little girl!

Colten turned 3 on April 14th. I can't believe he's already 3. I feel like he was just born. He is so smart, too smart for his own good! :) Colten is a rough and tumble little boy. He takes falls like a man. He rarely cries and you know something really hurt him when he does cry. He is the sweetest cuddler, loves to sit in your lap or lay next to you in bed and play with your hair. He's got an opinion and if he doesn't want to do it then it's a struggle to get him to do it. He can be your biggest helper. You give him a job, he loves to help! He loves vanilla steamers and strawberries. He loves food, any food. He's a great little eater. He loves to pretend to fish and loves to make guns and fishing poles out of everything. He has some of the most amazing eyes, big big blue ones with his daddy's long lashes! He's got freckles across his nose and one on his ear. He tells us, "Me love you too." He hits and we are working on that, but he is 3 and just a kid! He is the best big brother and just adores his sister! He always gives her a kiss goodnight and runs into her room in the morning. He will repeat what he is saying until you repeat it back so he knows you know what he is talking about. He's determined and strong! He's brave! He's funny and inquistive. He's so much like his father! He starts preschool next month. I'm excited for him! He is my favorite little boy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last night I found Colten sitting in one of the baby baths with Tank next to him in the bathroom. He told me, "I reading to my Tanky." :)

We were behind a car and Colt said, "what that mell?" I said that it was the car in front of us and that it was stinky. Colten, "It mell like bar-be-que." :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


November was very good to us! Hunter finally moved home for good!! He had the help of our friend Vinni to move home. Then Vincent was able to spend a few days with us. I'm glad he got to see how beautiful Seattle was. They got into Seattle during our November snow storm. We were so happy to have him home. Faith turned 1 month old and we all just kept falling madly in love with her... What a sweetheart! I had my birthday right before Thanksgiving.