Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A boy and his Dog

We are truly lucky that we have such a good-natured dog! Tank puts up with a lot from Colt. Whether it be pulling his tail to sticking fingers up his nose, Tanky just rolls with it. Colten will get down on all fours and try drinking out of Tanky's water bowl. The newest thing is barking. Colt will go up to the window and bark, just like Tank. He also can't get enough of giving Tank loves. That means going up to him, either standing or laying and hugging him, but also opening his mouth so Tank can give him kisses. Colten also loves to run a round the house with a piece of bread and have Tank chase him. He will extend his hand to give Tank a bite and just as Tank is getting the piece, Colt pulls his hand away and starts cracking up! Colt makes up for that by dropping pieces of his food off his tray, so Tank can lick them up off the floor.

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