Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Our Family on Thanksgiving

Grandma and Colten

The Coppell Masters with a sleeping Colten... We miss you Travis!!!

Opening his present from the Masters

Getting ready to eat
Colten's First Bite of Lemon
Having so much fun with the Marshmallows for the Yams

Hunter, Colten, and I traveled to Dallas for Colten's first Thanksgiving. We had so much fun hanging out with the Coppell Masters and my mom. Mom flew in on Sunday as a surprise to Uncle Rob for his 50th birthday! She then drove back home with us to our home. While there we celebrated my 25th birthday. My sweet husband took me to the French Room at the Adolphus Hotel. It was amazing! The best food we have ever had! We actually spent our first night away from Colten. We knew he was in very safe hands with Mom and Aunt Jovie. He did very very well going down around 7 and not waking up till around 8! Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! Colten had started crawling the week before, so it was fun watching him crawl around the kitchen. On Friday, Hunter participated in the neighborhood broomstick hockey match. He had so much fun. Their neighborhood is amazing! Hunter and I both want to live in that type of neighborhood. I think if we could get everyone to move to Dallas, that's where we would end up. We were so sad to leave on Saturday. Mom drove home with us and we had so much fun decorating the house for Christmas. I miss my mom so much! She is such an amazing women...just selfless and so loving! Seeing my mom with my son just makes me so homesick! I wish that we could see them more and hopefully we will be living in the same city soon!! Anyways enough for now

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Brooke, Donny, and Hudson said...

I can't wait to see you guys!! We have a busy rest of the week, so I'm sure it will fly by and soon enough you will be here!!