Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Colten!!!

Celebrating his Birthday
1 Year Old!

My Sweet Baby Boy

Minutes Old

Wow! A year ago on Tuesday, we were sitting in the hospital awaiting your arrival! We knew you were coming that day and were so excited, we could barely sleep the night before. When we got to the hospital at 4am that morning, we couldn't believe that the day had finally arrived. My labor and delivery were so easy that when they said it was time to push, your daddy asked, "When?". Fifteen minutes later and you were out. It was love at first sight!! You were so little and perfect! I couldn't believe that you were actually here. From the very first night you were an amazing little sleeper, just so sweet! You only cried if you were hungry or needed changed! I love nursing you and when you look up at me, it melts my heart. Every stage has been my favorite and I just look forward to what is going to be coming up. You are such an amazing little boy!! We love you so much!!

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