Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colten's Birthday Party

Our Frog Cake with fly cupcakes
The Decorations

Hunter, Mom, and Colten

Mom, Andrea, and Colten

Lilah! Green Candy

Flies we made

Fly Cupcakes

The Table

Colten and Mommy

Sharing with Hudson

Diggin in

Colten's first birthday party was a lot of fun! His theme was frogs. We made little flies, dirt pie, and a frog cake! We also couldn't have asked for a nicer day! Thank you Mom!!! Without my mom's help this never would have happened as nicely as it did. Also, Thanks Brooke for some great ideas and my invites!! Enjoy the pictures!!


Brooke, Donny, and Hudson said...

ahhh it was a good party! Look at the picture of Lilah and then across the way there's the 2 month pic of Colten. She definently looks like a little girl compared to that pic.

Brooklyn said...

The party looks like it was so much fun. You did a wonderful job with all the decorations and cake, adorable! Wish we could have been there.