Thursday, July 23, 2009

15 months!

Well this is a little bit late since Colten turned 15 months about a week ago....

He is 28lbs!!! What a little whopper up from 25lb 13oz from his one year appointment. He is also 31 1/2 inches long. I had thought he had gone thru a growth spurt and I was right. My arms had been aching lately. Colten is in a really good age right now! He is starting to talk a lot more... his words are Tanky, Mama, Dada, Duckie, Kitty, Doggie, Gamma, fish, Woo Woo (barking), Ohhohh (owl), eee ee (Monkey). He is also starting to answer our questions with a yes or no head shake. When he is thirsty, he takes his cup over to the fridge and reaches up to the water faucet. He will point out his head and belly button and mommy's eyes and mouth. He is into everything that he is not supposed to be, but is such a sweet baby boy! He is a cuddler and a clown! When we laugh he starts laughing for no reason (so funny)! He has discovered the great outdoors, but unfortunatly it is way too hot to spend any time outside! He is actually pretty good at sharing and really gentle with all animals. We are somewhat at a frustrating age for him since he can't verbalize what he wants. Luckily his temper tantrums don't last long. We are having a lot of fun with Colten and love all of the new things he learns everyday! He's just a really sweet little boy!

On Hunter and Andrea news... we have listed the house and are just waiting to be able to move home! I am sure my parents are looking forward to having us live with them for a few months :). I can't wait to be back up in Seattle. It's been grey and cloudy here the last few mornings and it made me think of fall in Seattle! I am also starting to sell a product that I am very excited about! More on that later!!

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