Friday, July 3, 2009

Colten and Tank

Colten Pulling Tank's face to him

Colten and Tank
Truely Best Friends

These pictures really show Colten and Tank's relationship. Especially the picture above... Tank is in heaven! He loves getting loves from everyone in the family, but especially his boy. We weren't sure how Tank was going to react to Colten when we brought him home. We thought that Tank might be jealous of Colten since Tank had always been our baby, but he has loved Colt from the beginning.

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Jamaica said...

I love the pictures of Colten and Tank, and the story about getting doggy cuddles while nursing. That sounds SO sweet! Seriously makes me want a dog... we have a cat, who has been great with Geneva but is mostly just indifferent. Sometimes he'll come lay by her when we're changing her but that's about it. You have a sweet little boy, and a sweet dog too.