Saturday, December 5, 2009

Birthday and Thanksgiving

Helping me to make lemon bars
Olive hand
Exhausted on my birthday!
Feeding the giraffe

I turned the big 26 last month! We decided to spend a family day of going to the zoo and just relaxing with our family. The zoo was one of the best experiences! Colten got to feed a giraffe!! It wrapped it's tongue around his arm and Colten had a blast. I didn't get to see the actual giraffe feeding as I had gone to the restroom, but the pictures are amazing! The look on Colten's face is priceless! It was really nice to just spend the time with the family and thank you to Hunter for always making me feel special, not just on my special day!

Now we have some pretty great friends down here. Vincent and Kelli. They have 2 kids right around Colten's age and the boys all play really well together. We have all become really pretty close and they always invite us to all of their family functions. It's nice to have a surrogate family when you are away from your own. So anyways, Kelli took me to see New Moon as my birthday present on the day before Thanksgiving. We were planning on spending the night and heading to Vincent's parents house for Thanksgiving. It was going to be such a fun day! Well, I ended up with the stomach flu that night and we ended up going home bright and early that morning. Hunter ended up being sick with a sore throat. Poor Colten was so bored that day and didn't even get a turkey dinner! Luckily Hunter decided to make Thanksgiving dinner a week later! Such a sweet guy!

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