Saturday, January 17, 2009

9 months

Can't believe Colten is 9 months old already!! Time really flies! We took him in for his 9 month appointment on Thursday and he had actually lost weight! He is down to 23lbs 5oz and is 29in long! Still a big boy... very healthy minus his cold. He was sick this last week with a stuffy nose and cough. He ended up having an ear infection and is now on antibiotics~ :( Sad! After being on medicine for a couple days we notice we have our sweet little boy back. He was very very fussy there for awhile! Our other boy (Tank) also has an ear infetion and is on medicine as well. Let's hope everyone starts feeling better in our household! Oh and Colten let go to today and stood by himself for like 5 seconds! Crazy! His doctor told us that he will most likely be walking before one, so we will see.

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McDowells said...

Wow! What a big & active boy! Caleb was stuggling with an ear infection too... the first for me kiddos! I hope Colten gets well soon!
Take care!