Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trip to Tennesse

We traveled up to Tennesse last weekend to meet our new nephew and ended up driving thru Alabama where Hunter's Grandma lives. I had never met her and it had been years since Hunter had seen his Grandma. We were very excited to be stopping there for dinner. We ended up getting up there around 5 and were able to meet Hunter's Aunt Cheryl and his cousin, Lauren and her family. We had a very nice dinner while the kids played. After dinner and dessert, we left and we got up to TN right around midnight. So around 3am, I started to get really sick! It was horrible. We went over to Allegro's house where they put me in a room away from Noah! an hour later, Colten started throwing up and we ended up driving 10 hrs home that same day with Colten and Mommy having the stomache flu! Two days later Hunter ended up getting sick! We are all feeling a lot better and sorry if we got anyone sick! So I was so excited to meet Noah and I barely got to look at him! He is very very cute though!! and of course Hunter didn't get any pictures! So sad! Next time I see that little munchkin he is going to get some big loves from Auntie! Mimi, Colten and Hunter
Lauren, Chris, Brooklyn, and Colten

Brooklyn... what a cutie!!

Colten and Mimi

Brooklyn and Colten playing together


Brooklyn said...

Hey, thanks for posting the pics. I am so glad ya'll got to stop by. It was so great to see you. Please try and come again soon. So sorry ya'll got sick. None of us got it, so don't worry about passing it on. Hope everyone is feeling better now. Give Colten a big hug and kiss from me.

Brooke, Donny, and Hudson said...

She is a cutie!!!! And I can't believe you got no pictures of Noah!