Friday, January 9, 2009


We had so much fun in Seattle!! It really makes the urge to move home, that much more! Colten and I arrived in Seattle on December 14th, 2 days earlier than expected. Colten was great on the plane, just really was bed time. We got in late that night and when we woke up in the morning there couldn't have been a happier little boy! Hudson was so excited to see his Colty! We arrived to a little bit of snow, which soon turned into a ton of snow!! I have never seen that much snow at my parent's house. Almost 12 inches! Hunter arrived on the 23rd. Colten was very excited to see his daddy! Christmas was wonderful! It was wonderful to actually spend Christmas at home again. I haven't been able to spend a Christmas with the family since we moved to Louisiana. Colten actually knew how to open presents and was really pretty good at it. We had bought a stuffed frog for Colten and he was so cute... he crawled right over to it, pulled himself up on a box, grabbed it, and starting squealing and hugging it! Now he sleeps with it at night. We really enjoyed getting to spend such quality time with the family and our friends. While we were there, Colten really flourished. He can now pull himself up on everything, is starting to cruise around furniture, actually waved and said bye (happened only once and we actually had to look around and ask if that really happened), waves hello, and just is so social! He also got his first tooth. We had to take him in to his peditrician in Seattle because we were worried about an ear infection (no infection, just teething), but he was 24lbs 8oz! He is getting soo big! Next week he will be 9 months old. Where does the time go! Anyways I will post pictures at a different date.

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